Promoting A Safe Environment for Your Customers with Parking Lot Sweeping

The overall condition of your parking lots may have a larger impact on your business than you realize.  If your parking lots and parking areas are left unswept and ill-maintained, they can easily become hazardous to the safety and even to the health of your patrons.

Solid particles from any vehicle’s smoke emissions settle on parking surfaces.  Many of these particulates contain toxic substances.  These tiny toxic particles can easily make their way into any person’s nose or mouth when they breathe, which means these toxins also go into their lungs, which can then effect their respiratory system and respiratory health.  Along with vehicle emissions, accumulations of engine oil, brake fluid and dust, and other vehicle drips are other proven irritants that are dangerous for patrons, employees, and people in the area of your business.

Another highly hazardous occurrence is rainwater runoff.  The runoff, particularly after a heavy rain or during a rainy period, contains sediments that are known to contain extremely toxic substances.  The highly dangerous toxins easily make their way into natural waterways and eventually even into our drinking water supply–all by way of rainwater runoff.

The way to ensure that your property does not pose a substantially dangerous risk is to have your parking lots and parking structures properly and routinely swept by an experienced and knowledgable commercial sweeping service, such as Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  Do our sweeping services make your parking lots look immaculate and appealing to customers?  Absolutely!  More importantly, our professional sweeping services decrease the accumulation of dangerous environmental hazards.  Respecting the environment and reducing any negative impact on the health of patrons is a responsible business practice.

Another impact your unswept parking areas has on your business is one that is often overlooked.  It may seem obvious that large debris, garbage and litter pose a risk of slips, trips, falls and other related injuries, but the not-so-obvious culprit to many of these accidents is what you can’t see:  dirt, sand and dust.  These tiny particles of debris are quite abrasive.  When your parking areas are not receiving proper professional sweeping, these abrasive particles build up and wear away your parking surfaces, creating cracks and breaks and overall structural damage to your parking areas.  This damage turns your parking lot into a tricky and hard to maneuver terrain for your patrons to navigate.  The potential risk of tripping and falling, resulting in serious injuries greatly increases with the deterioration of your parking surfaces.  With injuries come the very costly litigation and liability and lawsuits that businesses dread and seek only to avoid.

While hiring a professional sweeping service like Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  may seem like an unnecessary overhead expense to your business, it is actually one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to help any business protect your customers, the environment and your business’ costly liability insurance premiums, and therefore helps your bottom line, helping to secure your company’s professionalism and long-term success.


Dirty Curbs? Clean ’em up!



Your regular sweepers or landscapers can’t handle the extra mess? Only blowing grass clippings? Only sweeping litter? Don’t want to write-up another contract or cut existing relationships with current vendors?

No worries! We offer on call and one time services. We can tackle those curbs lines and more!



We can take care of those nuisance areas that your regular cleaning and maintenance vendors won’t take on.

Dirty curb lines, deteriorating ramps or concrete pads, and other unsightly areas consistently being overlooked or ignored are not problems you have to deal with regularly. We can schedule most on call services within the same week, if not day. In most cases we can have a sweeping unit and personnel on site within two hours of your call and for your accounting convenience we accept all major credit cards. These options allow you to get out of a bind and have your property sparkling before that executive or prospective tenant walk through without the need or hassle of the bidding process.

For a free estimate on on-call service or regular routine service, contact us today!

Advantages Of Regenerative Air Sweeping

The regenerative air systems for sweeping is easily the most thorough method of sweeping. Tymco’s and Schwarzes are the industry’s equivalent to Coke and Pepsi. The better sweeper is a matter of opinion and typically is dictated by the user’s history with either brand. Both are arguably the best in the sweeping world for parking lot sweeping and because of this it is hard to choose which one to use…so we run both. At WCS we use Tymco 210’s and Schwarze 348’s

Mechanical sweepers offer a great result for a superficial cleaning or on street or construction sweeping. This is not because they are inferior models but because they depend solely on brooms to remove accumulation and debris. Strictly vacuum dependent sweepers typically only run on a single power unit and must maintain a level of suction to be able to aspirate the surface matter. The ability to clean properly diminishes if the user does not maintain the sweeper and its seals and closures deteriorate. These sweepers are ideal for sweeping strictly litter. The diagrams below highlight how each type of unit leaves the surface area after each pass.




Images courtesy of Tymco

We strive to leave each and every property detailed and to a level of cleanliness beyond what we found upon our arrival. To accomplish this we use and maintain only the best equipment, in our opinion of course. Together with the on-the-ground detailing with our backpack blowers, all properties are given the attention each deserves. If you would like to have a free quote or would like to request a demonstration to compare against your existing service, don’t hesitate to contact us  today!

City of Alpharetta’s Old Soldier’s Day Parade [Photos]

The 62nd annual parade to recognize our country’s veterans took place Saturday morning. This event is put together by the city and the American Legion Post 201. Alpharetta’s streets were lined with spectators that cheered as the parade procession filed pass them. In attendance a number of floats, cars and trucks from local and nearby clubs, schools, business, veterans and active duty men and women-all dressed in the recognizable red, white and blue!


For the third consecutive year Watt Commercial Sweeping has had the privilege of helping with the post parade clean up. Once the event coordinators give the nod we take on the closed roads and lots in full force. Not 30 minutes after the last float, the roads open and in no more than an hour lots used for staging and parking have been swept.



It is our pleasure to provide our services at a great event! Please take a moment to check out some of the City of Alpharetta’s other great events on their event calendar.

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