Advantages Of Regenerative Air Sweeping

The regenerative air systems for sweeping is easily the most thorough method of sweeping. Tymco’s and Schwarzes are the industry’s equivalent to Coke and Pepsi. The better sweeper is a matter of opinion and typically is dictated by the user’s history with either brand. Both are arguably the best in the sweeping world for parking lot sweeping and because of this it is hard to choose which one to use…so we run both. At WCS we use Tymco 210’s and Schwarze 348’s

Mechanical sweepers offer a great result for a superficial cleaning or on street or construction sweeping. This is not because they are inferior models but because they depend solely on brooms to remove accumulation and debris. Strictly vacuum dependent sweepers typically only run on a single power unit and must maintain a level of suction to be able to aspirate the surface matter. The ability to clean properly diminishes if the user does not maintain the sweeper and its seals and closures deteriorate. These sweepers are ideal for sweeping strictly litter. The diagrams below highlight how each type of unit leaves the surface area after each pass.




Images courtesy of Tymco

We strive to leave each and every property detailed and to a level of cleanliness beyond what we found upon our arrival. To accomplish this we use and maintain only the best equipment, in our opinion of course. Together with the on-the-ground detailing with our backpack blowers, all properties are given the attention each deserves. If you would like to have a free quote or would like to request a demonstration to compare against your existing service, don’t hesitate to contact us  today!


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