Routine maintenance and major overhaul!

Having a sweeping company service your property is good. Having a sweeping company that regularly maintains it’s equipment is better. 

With a full scale shop, Watt Commercial Sweeping has the tools and experience to ensure that the entire fleet receives regular maintenance. Having this know-how and this capacity also allows for major overhauls and preventative service too. A regularly maintained fleet is beneficial to you as a customer because it means consistent service as agreed upon, no fluid spills/drips throughout your lot, and fewer breakdowns leaving you with an eyesore on your lot waiting to be towed.

At WCS, we invest in our fleet! 

Unit 301 receives a full conveyor belt and roller assembly overhaul

We regularly replace wear items, conduct daily inspections, perform regular maintenance & preventative maintenance and also major overhauls. These practices allow for optimal equipment performance during  services and maintaining lower footprint on the environment. 

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Indoor Service

Sometimes what you need for your indoor facility is a parking lot company. Not just any parking lot company, Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc. Got a warehouse too big for a broom and dust pan but a budget too small for a machine that is sure to take bite out of your bottom line? We have you covered, with our far-reaching expertise in different environments we can provide indoor sweeping for warehouses and other sprawling facilities at an affordable rate.

65,000′ warehouse floor with black paint over-spray


Recycling facility swept to reduce accumulation and exposure                                           


60,000′ warehouse floor swept before the epoxy application for a new body shop



Overlooking the small things

Dont do it!

In the grand scheme of a substantially sized project it is easy to overlook and/or just plain out ignore the smaller tasked performed. Normally these tasks are on a ‘to do’ list but usually somewhere at the bottom, somewhere between ‘Opening Day’ and ‘Holy Smokes, we forgot!’

You’ve had your concrete guys pour and set your curb-lines and the pavers have laid the asphalt; you’re done! That’s the norm, in an effort to change thinking a little, consider this. Waiting until the    weeks before opening day is going to significantly impact on your budget. A kick in the wallet when you’re crushing down the home stretch is a good way to ruin a day or week. Early maintenance is key!

Once the lots are opened, it is crucial to maintain the cleanliness of them. Having them maintained early on reduces the cost of power washing and flooding the construction debris off and reduces labor and sweeping cost too.

This customer decided to act sooner than later and had us come out to their property to clean the grounds. Although the project was well on its way and the entire clean up took about 16 hours, it is now up to a manageable level. Going forward, each subsequent service will be substantially less in cost and labor time. The gallery below highlights only one of the lots that surrounds a million+ sq ft warehouse.

Specialty and Event Sweeping

Got an event coming up? Filming a movie? Just having a huge gathering? Expecting a mess? Count on us to return your event area back to it’s pre-event appearance. With a variety of equipment to fit every event type, we have you covered 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Hot/Steam Power Wash

An existing customers was in need some detail washing before installing charging stations for electric vehicles on a concrete pad.

This job was a simple pressure/power wash but to ensure detailed cleaning and the removal of everything on the concrete’s surface, we used an industrial hot power washer. At 250 degrees everything on the top layer of concrete gave way to the pressure and steam.

unnamed-2 unnamed


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Big mess, no time? No Problem!

Have a property in desperate need of a cleaning? Suddenly have a prospective buyer or tenant but no time or means to clean up the place? No problem. Give us a call today for same day on call service!

This existing customer was in a similar situation with a loading dock areas in need of cleaning under time constraints. The catch here was that there was a sizable mess and no where on site to dispose of it. Instead of taking it on themselves, they called us for immediate service.

The job required a sweeping unit, a dump truck and the experience our guys possess to get it cleaned right.

20141119_1103041 20141119_1103141 20141119_1103261 After a little elbow grease, the property is rid of the previous tenant’s mess.


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