After the ‘Martini Shot’

Over the last decade Georgia has positioned itself to become a hotspot for production companies to come and film scenes, series and even entire movies in and around the Atlanta Metro area.  Fast & Furious 7, Anchorman 2, Drop Dead Diva, Joyful Noise, The Originals and The Walking Dead are but a few projects that have taken place in Georgia.  It seems the industry has grown fond of the south and is here to stay and it is great news for our company. We have been hired to provide post production clean-up on several occasions.  From recreations of circa 1800’s dirt roads to action sequences, we have been able to do our part in restoring and cleaning multiple set locations.

At week’s end we received another such call. The production crew tasked with filming the up-coming sequel to the 2014 comedic duo movie was in need of sweeping services following scenes that featured pyrotechnic explosions that ripped a car to pieces. The remnants were shrapnel, glass and other car parts. For this type of general cleaning we used a mechanical/brush sweeper to sweep the road and to clean the sidewalks, curb lines and other nooks and crannies we used a regenerative air sweeper, or ‘vacuum’ style unit. Upon completion, what was left was an area that was ready to be “returned” to the city, undoubtedly, cleaner than when filming began.

image image image image

Picking up an extra shift pays dividends to one of our employees as the always funny Kevin Hart was gracious enough to take a few seconds to greet him and without doubt make his day.

Taking a selfie with Kevin Hart [photo courtesy of Jose Magdaleno]

Being star-struck and selfies aside, we are humbled by the opportunity to once again provide our services to another production team and look forward to further business with them and others alike. For indoor or outdoor set and location sweeping services, contact us!


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