Routine maintenance and major overhaul!

Having a sweeping company service your property is good. Having a sweeping company that regularly maintains it’s equipment is better. 

With a full scale shop, Watt Commercial Sweeping has the tools and experience to ensure that the entire fleet receives regular maintenance. Having this know-how and this capacity also allows for major overhauls and preventative service too. A regularly maintained fleet is beneficial to you as a customer because it means consistent service as agreed upon, no fluid spills/drips throughout your lot, and fewer breakdowns leaving you with an eyesore on your lot waiting to be towed.

At WCS, we invest in our fleet! 

Unit 301 receives a full conveyor belt and roller assembly overhaul

We regularly replace wear items, conduct daily inspections, perform regular maintenance & preventative maintenance and also major overhauls. These practices allow for optimal equipment performance during  services and maintaining lower footprint on the environment. 

Have your properties taken care of by a well equipped and maintained fleet. Call us today for a free quote today!