AAAH CHOO! You’ve Got a Dust Problem! We’re the Solution!

We all know that when there is dust in the air, we are all at risk of becoming victim to itchy, watery, red eyes, sneezing and other allergy related problems.  Did you know that proper business practices can help control the dust and help to improve the quality of the air for all of us?  The best way for businesses to control the amount of dust that is on their property is to properly maintain their parking lots and other parking areas.  Just think about it–cars stir up all kinds of dust and debris.  They pick up garbage off of the streets and redeposit those wastes and dust particles from their tires and undercarriages at every place they visit.  The parking lots of a business are like giant dust dumps where vehicles come and rest and all of the dust and dirt and other debris they’ve picked up along their journeys settle in the parking lot.  So, what is a business to do to make sure that their parking areas aren’t giant allergy triggering dust bowls?  Businesses need the professional services of a properly trained and experienced parking lost sweeping company like Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  Watt knows exactly what to do to help fight the dangers of dust right where they lie–in the parking lots and parking areas of all businesses.  Our dedication to proper lot maintenance is backed by our more than 20 years experience in perfecting the exact techniques needed to rid parking lots, parking decks and parking garages of the dangerous dust.

So what?  It’s just dust, right?  What’s the big deal?  Well, since you asked I’ll tell you exactly what the big deal with dust is!  Did you know that the EPA, you know the Environmental Protection Agency, actually reports that dust is the MAIN cause of ALL air pollution.  All air pollution is mainly caused by dust–that’s a big deal!  Dust, as reported by the EPA is carried by the wind and in their report, the EPA also specifically mentions the fact that major amounts of dust come from the activity in parking lots.  That’s right, the EPA specifically targets parking lot activity as a major hub and cause for dust!  Again, it’s just dust, right? I mean we all hate dusting at home and put it off until the last minute because really it doesn’t seem like a major chore.  It’s not like if we don’t take the garbage out of our house.  That would be obvious–eeeew, the smell!  But dust, I mean if you can’t really see it, it can be put off for another day, right?  WRONG!  The amounts of dust that parking lots cause have a bigger impact than you may realize.  It’s not just like a collection of dust bunnies on a book shelf.  Parking lot dust causes same major problems.  I’m talking major health problems!  Aside from the drippy noses, watery, dry, itchy, red eyes, dust causes serious issues with our respiratory systems.  I’m talking coughing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, irritation in our respiratory tracts that can lead to serious issues like bronchitis.  Dust can even severely irritate our throats and worst of all, if you happen to be one of the millions of people who suffer from asthma or emphysema, just know that dust puts you at a substantially higher risk of increased instability and severity in your conditions.

Dust is a small thing, but it has some BIG effects for all of us.  It is important that businesses make sure to take the time to hire a professional parking lot team to ensure their lots are less of a threat on the environment and on the health of everyone.  Hiring any sweeping service isn’t the right way to do things either.  Ineffective and improper parking lot services actually don’t help with the dust problem and can cause the dust to be stirred up and distributed throughout the parking lot and throughout the air even more than it was before.  It is imperative that when hiring a parking lot sweeping service, you take the time to hire a reputable and responsible company that has the know-how and proper equipment to get the job done right.  Don’t pay someone for service that is only going to contribute more to the overall problem of our air quality.  Hire someone who knows how to do the job the right way with the right equipment and the experience needed to help protect the environment and the health of the public–plus it helps that they can make your business look its absolute best and be its absolute cleanest at the same time.  Your choices as a business matter for all of our health and your choice in who you trust to clean your lots matters.  Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  cares and we have the experience to meet your needs, keep the environment healthier and show your customers just how much you really do care about their experience with your business, even beginning in the parking lot.

The Watt Difference

While it may seem obvious that your parking areas require the attention of a professional sweeping team, and it may also seem obvious that an in-house team is an over the top expense for pretty much any business, it is imperative that you realize that all sweeping professionals are not the same and some sweeping companies aren’t quite “professional” when it comes to taking care of your sweeping needs.  Watt, however is the company that sets itself apart from the pack.  We are the premier choice for Atlanta when it comes to contracting an experienced and professional sweeping team for your business.  Don’t be fooled by the other guys!  Let us tell you why we are the best!

With more than 20 years in the professional sweeping business, Watt knows what it takes to help your business in the best ways possible.  We understand and respect the value of your parking areas and we know the key role their maintenance is to keeping your business thriving and we will only maintain your property to the highest standards possible.  We are experienced and skilled operators of specialized, state of the art equipment that we use to maintain your parking areas.  Each client has special needs and each property is different–Watt knows that and we special tailor our services to your needs and around your schedule–not the other way around, trying to make you fit our limitations and our hours.  Our service is all about the client and their needs.  From the very beginning Watt and our trained and knowledgable staff will be here to serve you and answer any questions you may have about the services you will receive before your initial sweep.  Watt is a locally owned and operated business.  We know the ins and outs of Georgia, its weather and the effects the environment has on different types of lots throughout the year.  We will assess your particular establishment and make sure that as the seasons and your property’s service needs change that we keep you up to date on these changes and make the necessary adjustment to your service with you, the client.  Watt knows that not all businesses will need the same cookie cutter sweeping services and we make sure that your particular business is maintained with the proper service and equipment for those needs.  Watt will make sure that your expectations are consistently met.  Each of our team members know step-by-step what is to be done and what is expected at each and every location on our routes.  There  will never be inconsistencies in service because each member of our team knows every property specifically, whether it is their regular assignment or not.  We know that life happens and that at anytime we may need to have one of our trained sweepers fill in for another one of our team members and we make sure that each employee knows each property to ensure quality and consistency expectations are always met.  With knowing that life can sometimes throw in an unexpected curve ball, Watt also always makes sure that every vehicle in our fleet receives daily maintenance to ensure not only to have all equipment ready and in its best shape, but also to have a backup in place, just in case.  With our fleet always at the ready, Watt can also be ready for your unexpected needs.  Day or night; routine and even emergency and on-call services.  Watt can do it all and all when you need it!  Watt’s fleet is all enhanced with GPS monitoring, assuring performance and efficiency at each and every location.  Watt is the only choice you should make when it comes to your parking areas sweeping needs because your business cannot afford to settle for less than the best and Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc. is absolutely the best!

Big mess, no time? No Problem!

Have a property in desperate need of a cleaning? Suddenly have a prospective buyer or tenant but no time or means to clean up the place? No problem. Give us a call today for same day on call service!

This existing customer was in a similar situation with a loading dock areas in need of cleaning under time constraints. The catch here was that there was a sizable mess and no where on site to dispose of it. Instead of taking it on themselves, they called us for immediate service.

The job required a sweeping unit, a dump truck and the experience our guys possess to get it cleaned right.

20141119_1103041 20141119_1103141 20141119_1103261 After a little elbow grease, the property is rid of the previous tenant’s mess.


We have multiple payment options and service around the clock with no added charges. Your satisfaction is only a phone call away.




The leaves are coming!



It is that time of year again, the cool crisp air, Halloween has past, we wait on Thanksgiving and it definitely feels every bit of Fall. The leaves are turning every shade of autumn and inevitably they are falling off the trees.

There is no amount of tree shaking that can rapidly rid your trees of their leaves and so your lots stay covered. Short of calling your local tree guys or having your lots completely covered, give us a call for additional services to help alleviate your leaf situation. With our regenerative air trucks, equipped with large hoppers, we can sweep most lots without the need to leave to dispose and return to finish. Additional services added to your regular routine service will allow your property to stand out during the seasonal leaf dump and maintain the curb appeal your business, customer’s and/or tenants expect.

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Initial Clean-up [VIDEO]

The video below shows a property being brought back up to an expected and manageable level of cleanliness. This property had several years of accumulation and called for some heavy duty cleaning. The required equipment for this was a mechanical sweeper, a few shovels and backpack blower for detailing. When completed the  loading dock area was free of debris that included load lock shrapnel, pallet scraps and weeds growing from the accumulation. From this point routine maintenance will be needed for upkeep, however it will be much easier since removing years of litter and debris.

The video showcases the mechanical sweeper’s portion of the work. This unit is not limited to truck courts; it can also handle construction sites, city streets, manufacturing facilities and more.

Take a look!


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Keeping Clean Storm-water Runoff

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, also known as EISA, requires federal agencies to maintain or restore a site’s pre-development hydrology when projects impact more than 5,000 square feet of a site. (Section 438 of EISA)


In more Lehman’s terms this means the EPA is looking to ensure that new construction and major renovation sites do their part to ensure that storm water runoff is clean when passing through these projects.  The EPA offers a list of practices to keep clean water running, here, but these are not the end all, be all for solutions.  Maintaining a clean site is very important when keeping these practices and sweeping is one way to make certain that any water coming through the site is as clean as possible. The idea that the water will be 100% filtered and clean is an impossible one when you consider all of your construction equipment and traffic, however once your initial lift and sewer are in place, adding a sweeping service will lower the contaminants (measured in PPMs) in the runoff. A suggested method is to reduce or eliminate the presence of curbs. The idea there is that absence of curbs allows the water to run through the property quicker and without restraints, but that’s inevitable when the projects calls for sidewalks and parking dividers/islands.  Another example for best management practices (BMPs) is to install pervious asphalt, concrete and walkways that allow the water to seep through and into the ground versus through the site and into sewers; this to a good idea, until the dirt accumulation is so tight the water runs past it.

How does sweeping help? Glad you asked! Only sweeping litter might help your quality test numbers but will still leave unacceptable levels of contamination. Sweeping with the right equipment and having operators that know what they are sweeping for is the key to improving the cleanliness of the runoff water.

  • Not all sweeping units will make the cut; to really eliminate the fine particles you need the following;
    • A regenerative air unit. A sweeper that use forced induction AND vacuum
    • A sweeping unit the is regularly cleaned and maintained with new suction hoses, access point seals and sweeping curtains
  • A company with a diverse fleet is ideal; having only one type of sweeping unit will limit performance. Although you will need a regenerative air sweeper to eliminate the finer particles, sometimes, especially in new developments, the amount of dirt, gravel and mud becomes too much for even the bigger air sweepers.  In this case you need a fleet that can provide a larger scale brush sweeper which would then be followed by an air sweeper. Having only one or the other will leave some jobs only half complete. It is more convenient to have the all in one instead of having to hire two types of sweeping companies.
  •  You need sweeper operator that is aware, experienced and knowledgeable in the BMP field. You may think all driver’s are the same, FALSE. A driver with little to no experience will simply drive around until it “looks clean” then leave and with his premature departure he leaves behind the fine particulates that will elevate contamination results. Implementing suggestions such as sewer inlet filtration and pervious grounds are great when combined with an experienced sweeper who will make sure those areas are closely monitored and frequently cleaned. Having a driver that can identify these areas, alone, is a plus. These areas require additional equipment; gutter brooms for the curb-lines and sewer inlets, shovels and good old elbow grease.
  • Talk is great but you also need a company that has verifiable references, documentation and experience. The reality is that anyone can provide a reference number to call, but a trustworthy company  will be able to provide more than just the contact number, examples;
    • Valid business license. Anyone can buy a sweeper, however that does not make them a legitimate and experienced sweeping company
    • High rated (verifiable) insurance. Most major projects will require a minimum one million+ in coverage
    • Longevity. You don’t want to trust the results of your State mandated audits for quality to a start-up company
    • Experience in the field. References to verifiable names in the contractor markets. ‘Joe Builders’ normally don’t meet the qualities of a reputable reference. Your choice should have experience with reputable companies that have used their services and attest that their ‘numbers’ have improved and/or not faltered

These are only some of the things you should consider when tasked with providing a clean working environment and ensuring that the runoff coming through your property is not contaminating your surrounding grounds and local sewer systems. To speak with someone regarding this type of service and/or if you know what you need and the above description fits the mold , we’re the company for you! Contact us Today!

City of Alpharetta’s Old Soldier’s Day Parade [Photos]

The 62nd annual parade to recognize our country’s veterans took place Saturday morning. This event is put together by the city and the American Legion Post 201. Alpharetta’s streets were lined with spectators that cheered as the parade procession filed pass them. In attendance a number of floats, cars and trucks from local and nearby clubs, schools, business, veterans and active duty men and women-all dressed in the recognizable red, white and blue!


For the third consecutive year Watt Commercial Sweeping has had the privilege of helping with the post parade clean up. Once the event coordinators give the nod we take on the closed roads and lots in full force. Not 30 minutes after the last float, the roads open and in no more than an hour lots used for staging and parking have been swept.



It is our pleasure to provide our services at a great event! Please take a moment to check out some of the City of Alpharetta’s other great events on their event calendar.

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Parking lot cleaning VS parking lot sweeping

What’s the difference between Watt Commercial Sweeping and any other sweeping outfit? Nothing, right? Trucks are the same, work the same way, anybody can run one…. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although we do have units that others may also operate and the act of sweeping, itself, doesn’t vary much, what we have that others don’t is what sets us apart from the rest. To point out these qualities is not to speak poorly of others but more so to emphasize how we strive to be better for our existing and future customers.

We aim to have 100% consistency.  Not including justifiable failures, we deliver services as scheduled, whether it is routine service or on call service.  There is no need to wonder if the service promised is done. Not only will it be clearly noticeable by the way the property maintains it’s cleanliness but if there were any doubt, we can provide route verification via hard copies and third-party GPS tracking.  Each unit has a vehicle monitoring system that allows is to verify location, speed, productivity and execution.
Attention to detail is the biggest differentiating factor.  We are not satisfied with a lot that ‘looks clean’. We never arrive at any of our customer’s properties and leave without servicing, having deemed it ‘clean’. With our regularly maintained and replaced backpack blowers we move through each and every parking lot and extract dirt and accumulation from all curb lines, building perimeters, nooks, crevices and areas our sweepers are unable to drive into. Our regenerative air systems blast airflow down on the surface breaking loose build-up and in the same motion redirecting it up the chute and into the hopper. We thoroughly sweep the entire property leaving it cleaner than first appeared.
Eliminating the ‘Figure 8’. Undoubtedly, everyone has seen the late night sweeping unit doing figure 8 maneuvers and practically doing donuts  to chase down litter.  Although it is clear to spectators, the operator, while focused on the litter, fails to see how reckless he/she is being. We have eliminated this by training our drivers to use the truck and the direction in which it moves air supply. Keeping litter to the side of which the air is moving we maintain straight lines with fewer turns, constantly closing in on the litter.  Much like you’d move your lawn, slowly moving towards the center.  Together with the detailing blowers, this practice allows us to cover every square inch of the property while maintaining a safe distance from all stationary objects and vehicles parked within the lot.
Our employees are top-notch! Each and every employee is dedicated and committed to performing their duties proficiently and proudly. They too understand that every customer is as important despite the size of the property.  Without our employees we would not be able to offer the quality service we provide.

During every route our goal is to arrive at each property and clean it. We never arrive to simply sweep; moving rapidly through each lot, working anxiously to chase down only the visible litter so as to quickly finish and move on to the next lot. No, we come in to each property to service it-clean it; whether the service agreement calls for it or not, we detail with our blowers, remove visible litter from landscapes, clean off property and business entrances and exits. Our attention to detail is second to none.  When leaving your property there will always be, a guaranteed, cleaner parking lot. The implemented guidelines for servicing collectively provide the difference between our cleaning service and the other company’s  sweeping service.

To schedule a free estimate or to schedule a service contact us today!

Welcome to our new social media integrated website

slide2We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. We have been in business for a long time and embraced the internet age many years ago. We have been working hard building the size and scope of our street sweeping business, taking on larger and larger clients, while still being accessible (and affordable) to smaller ones. We believe that we are Atlanta’s premier commercial sweeping company due to our dedication to service.

While we spent our energies building the company to where it is today, the age of social media has exploded around us. We realize many people today find information on their smart phones and tablets nearly as often as their home computers. Thanks to social media, referrals take place in real-time, across a wide spectrum of interactive sources. We wanted to make sure we stepped up our own online presence to take advantage of those sources.

We have weathered the economic hurdles of the last six years better than others in our industry. Stepping into the social media age with the new site and social media integration is just another sign of our continued growth and with this growth comes some great forward momentum. Take a moment to LIKE us on our business Facebook page and FOLLOW us on Twitter. You can also SUBSCRIBE to our blog page. We would also love for you to take a look around our new website and read about all of the services we provide.

As we continue to move forward as one of the premiere street sweeping business in the metropolitan Atlanta area and surround counties, we hope you will give us a try. From litter to dirt to gravel, we have the correct sweeper to get the job done right. Our methods are always in accordance with the best industry practices. Call us today at 770-433-8089 and see what we can do for you.