Let Watt Commercial Sweeping Sweat the “Small” Stuff for your Municipality!

Nestled in between county owned and controlled roads, lie the smaller communities and municipalities that may not register on the county’s radar for street sweeping programs, but at Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc., we don’t ever overlook the “little guys”.  We know that whether you are a major downtown Atlanta road, or a system of smaller rural roads in the midst of highways, byways and interstate roads that are maintained by the larger county system, the condition of your streets is important to you.  We at Watt know how to handle getting the job done for the smaller municipalities and communities that is on par with their smaller budgets and with our efficiency and years of experience, we are able to get the job done in a shorter amount of time than you may realize and therefore keep your overall costs down.  Recently, Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  had the great responsibility and honor to help a local city clean up the side streets and neighborhood roads that go unswept or unkempt by the county.  We were able to get into the city limits, tackle all of the forgotten ways, courts, drives and streets in a little over one week.  Cleaning up the city, showing the city’s great pride, showing the townspeople how much their local government cares about the place they all call home, and keeping the cost and budget just right was a proud undertaking and a great accomplishment for the city management and for Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc.  Never let your town, city or smaller municipality be left out of the big county budgeting.  Let Watt Commercial Sweeping, Inc. come in and show you exactly how we can serve the “little guys” just as well as the “big guys” and help restore the look and pride you feel for your hometown today!

Mechanical, Regenerative and/or Tandem


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