Construction Zone

In the heart of an Atlanta suburb there is a development, an eat-sleep-play kind of property. Residential homes side by side with retail and entertainment establishments on sprawling acres and getting ready for life and activities. This property is in it’s final phase of development and is ramping up towards opening day.

Before the place jumps and jives there is constant movement behind the scenes to bring the property to the opening day readiness; completion of the buildings, staging, landscaping and more. Collectively these needs create an unsightly and hazardous work environment. On this job the need was to sweep the property and remove the dirt tracked throughout, nails, screws and a plethora of unidentifiable construction debris.

A blower moves matter into the sweeper’s path and out of confined spaces. We used a broom truck equipped with a 96″ magnet bar to remove the metal and heavy debris. Lastly, we also used a regen-air truck for the parking decks and to polish the lots off. Together with help of the water trucks to flush the asphalt, the property is rid of foreign objects and is one step closer to opening day.

The video below highlights some of the work;

If you have a need for construction sweeping, call or email us today for a free estimate.


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