Work Verification with GPS and More! [VIDEO]


One concern of business owners and managers attempting to hire adequate service providers is whether or not the work will be performed accurately and as agreed upon. This is a hurdle that is difficult to overcome when trying to establish a new business relationship and especially true in the sweeping industry.

Property sweeping service is most effective when performed during low traffic and occupancy hours. Unfortunately for business owners this might means it is to be done during the overnight hours. Short of coming to your property to supervise productivity during your off time and hoping there will be a steady flow of coffee in the morning, you are left with two options; 1) don’t hire anyone and have one of your current employees to go out and clean the parking lot-inevitably taking them from their regular duties and therein impeding productivity of your business or 2) hire a reputable and established company that has multiple ways of verifying that the agreed upon work is completed in a timely and effective manner.

We have invested efforts in optimizing our work verification procedures. First, all of our work is guaranteed. If it is not right due to our negligence, we will fix it immediately. The property will certainly reflect a great service. We take the time to train our employees to proficiently service each property. Upon your arrival you will undoubtedly notice that the property was serviced. Another measure we take is to ensure every employee on route keeps a written account of the time arrived, mileage driven during the service and time left. Each employee is expected to accurately document the entire route from start to finish. Also during each route, we electronically monitor, via vehicle tracking hardware, the truck’s location, speed, movement, and idle time within each property-allowing for real time verification. Subsequent to each service, our customer service and sales reps follow up on the previous night’s route to ensure the routes service execution was fulfilled to our operating standards. Should there be any doubt still, we can generate an electronic report from our tracking service provider that can show a minute by minute transcript of the truck’s movement for any given day.

The video below shows exactly how we can track and verifying with real time tracking.

Video unavailable please check back for updates

All these implemented measures combined allow us the ability to provide each customer the peace of mind when hiring us. You can rest assured the work will be completed even when you are not present, but if you have any doubt we are only a phone call away from giving any and all work verification.

If you are interested in seeing sample documents of the reports and would like to receive a free estimate, contact us today!

Video and image courtesy of Motomon


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