Airport Sweeping

Foreign objects debris (FOD) are an unfortunate part of the aerospace industry but that’s where our two industries collide, no pun intended.  Sweeping of airport run ways, taxi ways, ramps, hangers and pads is crucial in eliminating FOD and the potential for catastrophic incidents.  Damage caused debris can range from the aircraft’s skin to tires, and worse, to engines. Direct damage cost to the aerospace industry are up to $2 billion dollars per year on the high-end, as pointed out by Insight SRI Ltd. in March 2008.

Sweeping service and maintenance, on a recurring basis, is the best remedy for eliminating these hazards. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on service!

North American Sweeper Magazine, a publication geared towards the sweeping industry, has a great article that highlights the cost of Foreign Object Debris, read more on it here.


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