Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to strive to become business partners, with our customers, who facilitates the upkeep and maintenance of their properties through ethical, reliable, timely and sound business practices. We also aim to provide a stable and healthy work environment for our employees that allows them to succeed and grow within our company. We work towards further growth of industry knowledge to add to what we have already gained through years of experience and ultimately our goal is to provide a service that not only meets but also exceeds the expectations set forth by our clients.

Our Roots

In 1992, Robert Watt had an ambitious goal to become one of Atlanta’s most reputable street sweeping companies. With the task at hand, Bob began to build what would eventually become a stable and self-sustained company. A start-up with only one unit, he slowly grew to add another unit and then another and more. Over the span of a decade the fleet had grown and a core group of customers emerged from it. From a small pick up truck chassis sweeper to the big scale sweepers for heavy-duty work, cropped-img_05211.jpg the fleet’s wing span was far-reaching. This was a long way from a humble beginning. Fast forward to 2016, through hard work,  fundamental beliefs,  blood, sweat and tears the company has survived arguably one of the worst economies, industry lulls and stiff competition. Today Robert is still active in the company’s operation, leading his management team and employees. Our employees are priceless to us, if not for them we would not continue our growth. Becoming a second family, they stay committed to the business and its prosperity so it becomes easy and enjoyable to provide excellent service in a safe and efficient manner. We have cemented our place in the sweeping industry providing detail parking lot sweeping and cleaning; retail, corporate commercial, construction, street sweeping, post event cleaning, parking garage, parking deck, routine and on call services are among the services provided. Over the years we have added supplemental services as well that include power washing, porter services, asphalt preventative care and maintenance and more!

Our Future

We strive to maintain stability in our progress towards reaching our goals. Our goal is to continue to provide optimal service to our customers, providing us with more growth through their own growth and word of mouth referrals. To help Atlanta properties look their best within the scope of our services and aid in any other way possible. To provide industry practices that help not only maintain a clean property but a cleaner environment too.

If we are a good fit for your company’s needs, contact us today!


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